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Skin care in 30 fundamentally different from the one that should be held at 50 years of age. The history repeats itself with the hair. We tell new facts about aging and eternal youth of hair.
Hair care in 30 years
At 20, 25 or 30 years, our hair has different characteristics and abilities, so care for them must match the age characteristics. The older we are, the thinner hair becomes - and this rule, alas, with varying degrees of intensity is the same for everyone.
Remember the main ten-year principle in skin care? It fits in one word, more precisely, beauty-credo - "moisturizing." With regard to hair, the same thing - a low moisture content leads to dryness. With the role of a moisturizer, the conditioner, which makes the hair smooth and obedient, does an excellent job.
However, this simple rule has repeatedly been criticized. So, for example, it is commonly believed that the owner of fine hair conditioner should not be used - and without that the tired "rods" become even heavier and become more brittle. Discard these doubts. The main secret to care for "thin" natures: choose the product you need in accordance with the type of your hair.
Finally, a tip from Ayurveda for the thirties: evening head massage to stimulate the follicles and collagen, which with age begins to stagnate. Easy movements of the pads of the fingers is not enough, grab two hands behind the head in the temporal lobe and move all the scalp (scalp) back and forth.