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Smells have always been peculiar to influence the mood of a person. Warm and sweet aromas reminiscent of childhood, exciting, reminiscent of battles, the smells of aphrodisiacs remind of passion and love. All these qualities allow essential oils to excite a person, and soothe, relax it.
This science, and at the same time, the whole art - to influence the mood and health of man in general through the organs of breathing through the sense of smell, is called aromatherapy. In addition, essential oils are used to treat various ailments, as well as physical and psychological recovery.
Aromatherapy is one of the best treatments for various ailments, using a variety of methods: aromatherapy, aroma lamps, aromedalons, rubs, massages and more. But there is one more component that will help improve the effect of using aroma oils - music for aromatherapy.
The Chinese, who have long been engaged in the practice of treatment with essential oils, have proved that music for aromatherapy promotes effective healing due to beneficial effects not only on the sense of smell of a person, but also on the organs of hearing. In addition, music for aromatherapy also has a therapeutic effect, which makes its use irreplaceable. Music for aromatherapy is created specifically for these procedures, each of the flavors are characterized by characteristic rhythmic figures. For some aroma oils, we list the musical compositions recommended for listening during aroma sessions.