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For more than 10 years I worked in a beauty salon and perfectly recognized all the secrets of hair care. On my website I want to share with you rules that will make your hair strong and silky. Also I will tell you how to choose the right  Hair Straightening Brushes  and which flat iron is better.
Healthy hair is not only elastic and shiny, but also silky. Silky and soft hair is said a lot in advertising shampoos, but in fact, we often get not quite what promises, or even quite the wrong. Miraculous means of care are issued more and more, and they need to be able to understand, but in parallel you can use proven "grandmother's recipes", always available, inexpensive and safe.
Many people think that the silky hair is inherited, and nothing can be done here. The factor of heredity is important, but in most cases it is possible to make hair silky with the help of usual, but careful and regular care. And when leaving carelessly and hurriedly, no heredity will help: the rhythm and conditions of life are now such that the most persistent hair is tired of defending itself and losing vitality.